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1 April, 2019

What is a Business Growth Group

A group of four to six people and a facilitator who meet every month to discuss and learn new strategies to help in their personal and marketplace journey

What do they offer?

An opportunity to grow your business skills and network. Be encouraged, empowered and ready to face your next challenge.

Sharing in a relaxed and confidential environment with likeminded people

How do they work?

Each group determines meeting time and place

Breakfast meetings (Usual held at a Cafe)

Time: 7am to 8.30pm

Format: Personal sharing time as we have breakfast, followed by discussion of this months topic

Current resources are Deep Leadership by Dr Nick Hawkes and Maximum Impact Club by John Maxwell

We have a number of groups in different areas of Adelaide so contact us and check one out and see what you think.

More From 'Business Groups'

Deep Leadership by Dr Nick Hawkes

About the Author

Deep Leadership is a book about how to lead at a profound level, a level that transforms organisations—and it is written by a leader.

Dr Nick Hawkes’ leadership career started when he was Head of School (senior prefect) in one of England’s oldest boarding schools. He went on to develop a leadership course for the Australian College of Theology, a national network of seventeen colleges. His practical experience was developed in both not-for-profit and commercial leadership positions—notably as a divisional state sales manager for a multi-national chemical company, where he led his team to record sales in a single year.

If asked about his most significant leadership experience, Dr Hawkes will cite a time when he started a youth group in the Western suburbs of Adelaide—an area where he was told it couldn’t be done. "It is projects like this," he says, "that are the true test of leadership. If you can attract a team of volunteers who don’t have to be with you, and motivate them to achieve a worthy goal—only then are you beginning to understand the craft of leadership."

Importantly, Dr Hawkes insists that growing the wellbeing of each member of a team is an essential and worthy leadership goal in itself.

This book presents the best of the latest research into leadership. It is practical and easy to read with flashes of humour.

Deep leadership is indispensable for anyone wanting to understand leadership in today’s world.

Previous Literary Awards

Nick Hawkes has:

• won the CALEB Award, (best novel) 2014

• won the American 2014 Selah Award (Bible Study class)

• been shortlisted for the CALEB unpublished manuscript award, 2016